Know all about CIMA certification in finance and accounts

The top most specially designed powerful qualification CIMA certification from United States. CIMA® by American Council of Professional Accountants (ACPA) is crafted for accounting and finance individuals, who are looking to significantly enhance their job and career prospects by super-specializing in the twin advanced areas of investment accounting and management accounting in the international context.

The aspirants will also get study material and online training programs aligned to the curricula and knowledge frameworks of the leading management accounting certification body, American Council of Professional Accountants.

Show case yourself as a specialist Investment and Management Accountant — a professional who is critical for big firms for the purpose of strategically managing their income, profitability and value. Get the prestigious CIMA certification. Prepare for careers in large corporations, global finance consulting firms, leading finance KPOs and well-known asset management firms, brokerage firms and investment banks among others.

CIMA® is the perfect certification in finance and accounts. The program is composed of two levels. Level 1 is dedicated to foundational aspects of Investment & Management Accounting. Level 2 is focused on application, practical and decision-making aspects of investment & management accounting.

The Level 1 consists of 10 knowledge areas essentially dealing with basics of business, strategy and economics and developing building blocks of investment & management accounting across themes like risks, costs, financial markets, financial asset pricing, capital budgeting and performance analysis. Level 2 covers 10 areas cutting across advanced aspects of investment accounting, financial reporting, currency exposure management; transfer pricing; global taxation and technology applications in investment & management accounting.

CIMA® Exams

Aspirants who got registered through the Standard route require taking two exams, one each for levels 1 and 2. Each exam is 3-hours long, containing 75 multiple-choice questions.

Pathway applicants, who have earned exemptions, on the other hand, require qualifying a unified, single 3 hour, 75-question Master’s/ Professional Pathway exam.

Master’s Pathway applicants get exam-exemptions in 5 of the 20 modules, while Professional Pathway applicants get exam-exemptions in 7 modules. A majority of Master’s/ Professional Pathway applicants often manage to complete the program within three to six months from the date registration confirmation, if not earlier.

Though CIMA certification exams are online in most countries, in some, they are conducted in the offline, pen-and-paper mode considering examinee convenience. Candidates will get detailed information about their offline pen-and-paper exam from their myCIMA dashboards.

Similarly, registrations for online exams can also be done from the myCIMA dashboard. The online exams can be scheduled on any of the available slots. The offline exam dates and venues vary across countries and will be available on the candidate myCIMA dashboard.

Exam Overview

Registration/ Candidacy Tracks

Standard Route|Master’s Pathway|Professional Pathway

Number of Exams|Level 1 exam|Level 2 exam|Single, unified exam covering both levels 1 and 2|Single, unified exam covering both levels 1 and 2

Mode of Exam|Online/ Offline|Online/ Offline|Online/ Offline

Duration of Each Exam|Level 1 exam- 180 minutes|Level 2 exam- 180 minutes|180 minutes|180 minutes

Number of Questions|Level 1 exam- 75 questions|Level 2 exam- 75 questions|75 questions|75 questions

Type of Exam Questions|Multiple choice|Multiple choice|Multiple choice

Pass Percentage|Level 1 exam- 65.7%|Level 2 exam- 65.4%|83.6%|85.8%

Exam Registration|Create your myCIMA account|Create your myCIMA account|Create your myCIMA account

Exam Scheduling|Choose from any of the four exam windows/ dates|Choose from any of the four exam windows/ dates|Choose from any of the four exam windows/ dates

Exam Results|Level 1 exam- 15 days|Level 2 exam- 15 days|15 days|15 days

CIMA® certification in finance and accounts also offer registrants and get access to mock exam facility on their myCIMA dashboards, offering them a better preview and feel of the real CIMA® exam. The CIMA® program structure lends itself to a very conveniently progressive learning, helping registrants begin with refreshing their knowledge on the developing and practical aspects of investment & management accounting.

Investment & management accountants Writer, Adviser, Researcher and Investor.

Investment & management accountants Writer, Adviser, Researcher and Investor.