Chartered Investment & Management Accountant — The one of kind certificate in business accounting

Alina Parker
4 min readNov 16, 2021


CIMA certificate in business accounting called Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®). It is the world’s most uniquely powerful qualification CIMA®.

There is this certificate in business accounting that an individual can to excel in the field of Business Accounting. Doing CIMA certificate in business accounting highlights that one has put in the time and effort to improve their knowledge and skills by expanding it with better ways. More and more individuals are showing interest to do certifications as they enhance their growth and offer better opportunities.

One such certification is offered by CIMA certificate in business accounting called Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®). It is the world’s most uniquely powerful qualification CIMA®. This certification is mainly crafted for Business Accounting professionals who are looking to significantly enhance their job and career prospects by super-specializing in the twin advanced areas of investment accounting and management accounting in the international platforms.

After completing this certificate in business accounting graduates and employees will be creative, self-motivated, flexible and innovative, and also become strategic thinkers and apply a vast range of finance, business accounting and management accounting techniques, skills, and abilities to their work.

CIMA certificate in business accounting also offers study materials, resources and online training programs aligned to the curricula and knowledge frameworks of the leading management accounting certification body, American Council of Professional Accountants (ACPA). Therefore, acquiring this professional certification will help an individual to stand out from the crowd and to gain an edge with the current competition.


The key prerequisite for the CIMA® certificate in business accounting is to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any discipline. Higher qualifications like Master’s or MBA, or specialist professional qualifications in finance, accounting and related disciplines can accelerate the CIMA® journey through registration under CIMA® Master’s or Professional pathways, which require taking a single, unified exam.

The CIMA Program Structure

The standard 2021 CIMA® program covers 20 critical knowledge themes relevant to practices in management and investment accounting in global organizations. It is open for applicants from all backgrounds with at least a Bachelor’s degree — preferably in Commerce/ Accounting/ Economics/ Business Management. There are two exams of 3 hours — one each for Level 1 and Level 2.

Candidacy Tracks

CIMA certificate in business accounting consists of 3 candidacy tracks that will help an individual to understand which the most suitable option they can choose is. The following are the 3 candidacy tracks:

· Standard Route

This track is for the professionals whose most recent qualification is a bachelor’s degree from a nationally or internationally recognized/accredited institution. The background or major is no limitation, though, if one has a prior exposure to accounting, finance or business, their CIMA certification program journey completes a lot easier and a lot quicker.

· Master’s Pathway

CIMA master’s pathway is the swifter candidacy track if one wants to hold or pursuing a master’s degree like MBA/ MS/ M.Sc. in business, finance, accounting or related areas from a nationally/ internationally recognized institution, or from a B-school accredited by international firms like the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. One can speed up their journey to get this credential by exam-exemptions in 8 of the 20 standard CIMA® modules and take a single exam instead of two.

· Professional Pathway

Choose this quicker CIMA® candidacy track if an aspirant wants to hold a professional qualification or certification in finance, accountancy, corporate law, management accountancy, company secretary ship, cost accountancy, public accountancy or similar or related areas from a professional association or a certification body. Individuals CIMA® program journey can be accelerated by taking a single, unified exam instead of two, and they can earn exam-exemptions in 9 of the 20 standard CIMA® modules.


CIMA also provides the candidates immediate membership once they get qualified for the award of the CIMA® charter. This membership offers a vast range of opportunities and also gets covered in the CIMA® program fee for up to 10 years consists several perks such as a life-long myCIMA dashboard, which is a personalized dashboard that contains career growth and self-development resources. The membership card and certificate is included in the CIMA® credential pack sent to the qualification holders after they get qualified to all prescribed conditions for award of the CIMA® qualification and designation.

The prestigious certificate in business accounting is one of kind credential to earn. Prepare yourself and make your career to reach next-level in renowned corporations, global finance consulting firms, leading finance KPOs and large asset management firms, brokerage firms and investment banks and many more.



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