Find out more about new trends in financial and management accounting and its best practices in which artificial intelligence plays an important role.

The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first, turning our phones into remote controls for our lives.”

- Sundar Pichai

(CEO of…

Management accounting is one of the most important careers in business, and professionals must have sturdy accounting skills to advance and earn lucrative wages.

A typical accountant is concerned with reporting financial outcomes to external parties like banks and shareholders, however, managerial accountant is concerned with delivering information to internal decision-makers. As a result, management accounting plays a critical strategic role in organizations.

Roles and abilities of management accountants

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) explains that management accountants have…

Accountants play an essential role in keeping businesses large and small operating. This profession requires a university education, as the role they hold demands them to fully understand the in and out of the business. Based on the type of accounting (private organization, government or non-profit), the accountant’s annual salary…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential part to the most demanding and faced-paced industries. The impact of artificial intelligence in the accounting industry has been highly phenomenal and it is completely innovating the way they function, create products and services.

Many recent enhancements in AI are quickly transforming the…

The financial industry is becoming a lucrative and most sought-after option for graduates these days. Students and professionals now seek to learn new skills to keep pace with the cut-throat competition by going for accounting or finance certifications. There are several certifications offered by different institutes for students and professionals…

Accounting Certifications majorly emphasize the fields where an individual can focus on the time and effort to enhance their knowledge, skills as well as career. Many professionals nowadays have access to university education. Consequently, this means that bachelor’s degrees have become very easy to acquire, which resulted in less valuable.

Role of management accounting

The management accountant is an inside person who conducts internal analyses that seeks to guide the overall strategy of the business. For this, (s)he is tasked with the preparation of internal accounts, financial reports, and records, all of which go toward aiding managerial decision-making in the pursuit of the short…

Alina Parker

Investment & management accountants Writer, Adviser, Researcher and Investor.

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