7 Blockchain Certifications and Courses to Advance in Career

Are you looking to advance in your career as a blockchain developer? Perhaps you want to embark on a blockchain development as a fresh graduate? May be you want to transition from a software engineering career to blockchain. Irrespective of the reason, you can take blockchain certifications.

Why should you take blockchain certifications?

Blockchain is advancing both ways — adoption and innovation. The blockchain technology is still in its infancy, so its education isn’t as widespread, and lacks familiarity among new entrants. Thus, it leaves large scope for innovation. Taking blockchain certification equips you with technical knowledge, practical skills, and familiarize with use cases and empowers you to innovate, and use blockchain to your advantage, making you an in-demand asset for organizations in need of talent skilled in blockchain.

Top Blockchain Certifications

1. Blockchain Specialization Certification from State University of New York

2. Certified Blockchain Engineer by Blockchain Council

3. Business Blockchain Professional by CBCA

You can take this certification by registering on CBCA’s website. Further, to prepare for certification, the organization provides study preparation kit.

4. Blockchain certification by UC Berkeley

5. Certified Blockchain Professional by BIT

6. Blockchain Training and Certification by Edureka

7. Blockchain Certification Course by Simplilearn

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Investment & management accountants Writer, Adviser, Researcher and Investor.

Investment & management accountants Writer, Adviser, Researcher and Investor.